About Us

Mission & Vision


"Hath Milao Apraadh Mitao - Ek Jyoti Aman ki Aur"
A promise to bring the most reliable, most true and direct relation with every pain bearer to raise their insight hidden voice to say - No Its enough and fight for right.


  • To Guide Parents That How To They Teach Their Child About Sexual Abusing.
  • To Educate People That We All Can Reduce Child Harassment.
  • Build A Relation Like Friends Between Parents And Children So That Child Can Share Everything With The Parents If It Is Good Or Bad.
  • To Educate The Children That No One Can Touch Them Without Their Permission.
  • To Educate Children About Self Defense.
  • To Provide Insight Strength To Our Kids To Fight Against Every Wrong.
  • To Help Kids And Parents To Know Each Other As The Best Supporters.
  • Support Them To Make Their Own Most Trusted Group.


  • Raise voice for every child in need, child right and protection.
  • Conducting work shops - seminars - awareness camps for poor child in slum areas and weaker sections of the society.
  • Counselling sessions for the parents to judge and justify the child situations in abuse and neglect.
  • Sending immediate help to the child on getting a single call at "9718618444 / 9899654695".
  • To provide medical help to the needy child as and when needed or an individual on call.
  • To generate "SELF HELP GROUP" for girls and make them self dependent.
  • To educate children about self defence and their rights.
  • Holding researches and surveys for child neglect and work by educating guardians to get pulse of the problems faced by the child.
  • Efforts to fight against females genital mutilation and female infanticides.
  • Child marriage/child labour/ coercions and threats faced by the victims.
  • Creating an environment and imparting strength to the girls for their safety from Sexual harassment and explotation.
  • Bullying of children, a curse to be stopped.
  • Domestic violence, street children with or without parental care.
  • Disability can be an ability to be proved to the society at large. Sangharsh work to make this miracle true.
  • Strive to work with certain government schemes to benefit the Individual through volunteers.