Child Awareness

Child Awareness

"Wake up from the world of fancies, where every soul is literate and every evil is uprooted". Yes, when Government is providing free education to every child in rural and urban areas too, still we have not touched the line of satisfaction where we are in the strong position to say we have 100% literacy.

Our Objectives

  • To guide parents that how to they teach their child about sexual abusing.
  • To educate people that we all can reduce child harassment.
  • Build a relation like friends between parents and children so that child can share everything with the parents if it is good or bad.
  • To educate the children that no one can touch them without their permission.
  • To educate children about self defense.

Be Involved in your chil'd life

Be engaged in your child's activities

If your child is involved in sports, go to games and practices. Get to know the other parents and coaches.

If your child is involved in after-school activities or day care, ask him or her what he or she did during the day.

Children sometimes feel that they cannot talk to their parents. Identify and tell your child who the other trusted adults are in his or her life.

Build a trusting relationship with your child

Before communication lines shut down or something happens, talk to your child. Let your child know that it is okay to come to you if someone is making him or her uncomfortable. Be sure to follow up on any promises you make—if you tell your child that he or she can talk to you, be sure to make time for him or her when he or she does come to you. Open the lines of communication and talk to your child about his or her personal rights and personal boundaries in an age-appropriate manner.

Be Alert

Say no! Tell the person that you don't like it and you don't want to be touched. Get away fast! Run away from the person whose touch you don't like. Never stay alone with that person ever again. Call for help. You can scream. Believe in yourself. You did nothing wrong. If someone touches you in the wrong way, tell someone you trust what has happened. Don't let threats scare you into running away or keeping quiet. When a person touches you and asks you to keep it a secret between the two of you, ask yourself, "Does the secret bother me?"


Please be with your children like a friend so that they can share each and every thing of their life without any Fear we are here to help you & your children 24*7.